My mind is a forest and I

“Going with the flow” has nothing to do with other people, going with the flow is to go with the inner flow of your true self, following the energy that you can identify through emptiness.

My mind is a forest and I’m a 5 year old kid with no sense of direction. So many clues retained, but still so many mysteries to unlock.

I often feel discouraged. I am not special so why do anything? I don’t have any qualities to offer, so where would be the point for striving to nothing? It’s like staring at the stars, in this little lone world, I am here, I mean little here, so what will I mean if this is one in a million? So what is the point? Obviously the only thing we’re left with is the journey.

Imagine being a child going to a skatepark for the first time. On the first approach, the child, we’ll call him Grate, is astounded by the amount of people gathered at this place to do the same thing he is. Grate grabs his board and enters the park, he sits to watch the way that the other kids work their way around the park. What enthusiasm he felt when he saw the way the other kids rolled smoothly throughout the park, sliding across raised poles with such grace. Being launched into the air and having the board do an incomprehensible amount of flipping, then gravitating straight back to the owners foot. Now that Grate is excited and ready to learn to do what the others do. He picks up his board and rolls into the park, going slowly, getting a feel for this new place. He heads up a quarter pipe, and unsure about how to balance himself, the board slips out from under his foot, causing him to fall forward onto the ramp, launching his board in the direction he came from. His body hurts, but he’s not discouraged. As he walks back to the board he notices some kids sitting and laughing, lounging about waiting for the energy to hop back on. Grate goes to get his board as another boy ollie’s over it and with a groan says “take your shit out of my way or I’ll kick your fucking ass little kid.” Then he proceeds to another group of kids where they laugh and cast looks in Grate’s direction. Grate goes to the other happier boys to see if they would be able to assist him in getting better. The other kids stop laughing as he approaches, and suddenly 5 sets of eyes are glued on the boy. When asking for assistance, one of the boy smirks and says “this went off topic.”