Little White Book

going with the flow has nothing to do with other people. going with the flow is to go with the inner current of your true self. Following the flow of emptiness wherever it leads you.

My thoughts can be broken down into word thoughts, picture thoughts, and most importantly thoughts by meaning. I guess that makes it the three renderings of my thoughts.

Naturalness is something difficult to obtain. To be natural is to revert into animal ways. Removing all the automated responses buried throughout your human mid. To gain naturalness is to be empty. Once you have removed your mind’s preconditioning you’ll be able to to obtain any knowledge. Not to be confused with enthering the subconcious, to be empty is to have your active mind still. Through emptiness youre able to once again be filled. Something you can imagine is in reference to another thing.

Where do thoughts come from? If by attempting to create thought causes confusion and emptiness makes things clear, where do they come from?
what do peoples eyes look like while they’re not paying attention as to when they are? Like how you can see in a person’s eyes when they’re listening to headphones. not engaged. like how a a person will look different with their glasses off, past the association you hold for them with their glasses on. spots of the subconcsious?

It’s a battle over the land. The humans try to cut them down and build their city, but they just grow too fast. Coming across portland is watching the tree’s passive resistence standing strong overpopulating and surrounding all the buildings.

In reference to pastwatch, i would like to switch to the way osc portrays the way the middle easter, or whatever, maybe it was the villagers. Whoever, when they felt uncomforatable or unsure they showed no emotion, just complete passiveness. Just a blank slate.
Better make time for my journal
(the next two writings were written in the middle of this one)
details are useful but not necessary for action. All you need is direct meaning and where it flows to. Therefore context is not necessary.
Apology to my journal for not writing in it.


Why would they make kolonapin taste like mints and adderoll taste like pez? And for that matter why do i get sad when i think/feel living at my mom’s?

It seems that my emotions originate from a separate source than the situation gives, often when i look toward the future i’ll feel nothing but despair, but with thinking of the same topic at a different time i will find i’m excited about the future. Take the movie i watched last night, Bridge to Taribithia, after watching it i felt like everything i do is pointless and worthless. I mean it’s a dank story that i liked alot, but what the hell is the feeling from? And why do i feel that feeling so often? Maybe i’ve given the feeling the wrong association. I don’t know.

observe the way people are, then in every situation you’ll feel weird as fuck, suddenly you don’t know how to do what you watch everyone else do.

with the emotive mind you’re able to connect with people, able to relate. Which is why communication is difficult. The balanace brings out the ability to be logical and emotive at the same time in the most productive maneer

Two judgements required for every situation. The first is the face value judgement which would be the yang judgement. The second would be yin, so you may as well discard the first always and just go with the yin, which is lost to face value thoughts. Yet, using both does give a wider perspective on things. Given the first judgement along with the second judgement. The key would probably be to know what is useful.

I’ve never understood the poing of being competeive, or for getting a point system to take notice of who is better at one particulat moment in one situation. it makes sense to be able to find the right man for the job, but as far as anyone being better, that is left unsaid. There are so many elements that go into every situation. As far as being smarter, well that’s all a matter of emptiness

Like making thought and emotion balanced by separation/distinguishing the two
emotion clouds thought

“What is vs. What should be”

centered - ( o )
emotional - (o )
Logical - ( o)

What generates emotion?
Thought process?
if emotion and thought processes are separate, come from separate places, they should be made balanced(shown with yinyang)
Emotion piggybacks thought?
changes in perspective
emotion = preconcieved ideas
logical = truth

Preconcieved fixed ideas block truth( they make direct conclusion based an what your predisposed to believe.

I’m always baffled by how much people let their intentions show. But then i remember that most people aren’t afraid to show their intent

I guess there is no point in worrying about the meaning of life because like death, it is inevitable. Life has meaning as long as it’s lived. I may not mean shit to more than like 15 people, and past those 15 people i don’t give a fuck, but that is inevitable. It sucks, but ill i find a better idea that makes sense it will have to do.

Nurture vs. Nature = no solution
but if the answer is nature, then wouldn everyone start with a blank slate till they changed based on their environmental influences? but in that case, noon person wouild be great or of better quality then another. The experinced changed that person into these things
Solution = both
you start with a clean slate, but a slate based on heredity. Then that slate is added to by outside influences and other herditary changes that may come later in life.
But then where do bad people come from? I’ve never met an actual bad person before so i wouldn’t know

A writing peice is like an imprint of self. House of leaves is a good example of this, for zampano and johnny truant and most likely mark z danielenski, Orson Scott Card imprints himself well in his books. Think of it this way, we are not even close to the person that we are viewed as externally. The inside and outside do reflect eachother, somewhat. But a peice of art is an expression of self holding a different external form.

What is the difference between a best friend an boy/girlfriend?
if that’s the case what about gay people? with straight it’s a little easier due to the amount of opposite sex bestfriendment is usually at a minimal or turns into a relationship. So what happens when it seems right to fuck all you best friends that you’re attracted to? Then again the gay population does have other gay people, and most gay guys have alot of friends that are girls.5